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What to Do After a Slip and Fall?

Updated: Apr 10

Most people will suffer from a slip, trip, and fall at some point in their lives. You might think you were just being clumsy. But more often than not, it might not even be your fault. Whether it happens from a height, down a set of stairs, on a sidewalk, or in a supermarket, a slip and fall, or trip and fall, can happen anywhere. It is a personal injury, and it’s important to know what to do following such an incident.

Premises Liability means that if an injury occurs because of a property owner’s failure to keep their premises in a reasonably safe condition, then they may be held legally responsible for the injuries that were sustained.

So here are some simple things to do after a Slip and Fall or Trip and Fall Incident:

1. TAKE PHOTOS OF THE SCENE – These days, everyone has a phone that can take a photo. If not, ask someone to take a photo for you. It is important to record what the scene looked like on the day of the incident. Take a photo of the area of the fall. What did you slip on? What did you trip over? Were there warning signs? Where were these warning signs? Without these photos, it is very difficult to prove that there had ever been anything that could have caused you to fall since things like spills can be cleaned up rather quickly. If you are able, take the names and phone numbers of any witnesses.

2. REPORT THE INCIDENT – Ask for the manager, the landlord, or owner of the premises and report the incident. Ask for a copy of the incident report or take a photo of it for your records.

3. SEE A DOCTOR – If you’ve been hurt, it’s important to see a medical provider right away so that your injuries can be properly documented. Take an ambulance. Go to the Emergency Room. These medical records are important pieces of evidence should you choose to seek compensation for your injuries. Be very clear about how you fell and what you slipped or tripped on.

4. FIND VIDEO FOOTAGE – Most supermarkets and commercial locations usually have video cameras on their premises. Ask for a copy of any videos of your fall. At the very least, ask in writing, for them to keep copies of any video on that day.

5. CALL A LAWYER – Premises Liability cases can sometimes be very complicated and difficult to prove. A lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of proving the case, deal with the paperwork and the insurance company. In the meantime, do not make any statements, accept any blame (“I was not looking. It was my fault.”), or post anything on social media until you’ve spoken with an att

If you or someone you know have suffered an injury due to someone’s hazardous property, contact Gomerman | Bourn & Associates at (415) 545-8608 or email us for a FREE consultation today.

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