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  • Jennifer Burton

Police Chase Ends in San Francisco with Robotaxi Crash

In the news this weekend, a police chase ended with multiple injuries when a car crashed into a Waymo robotaxi. California Highway Patrol (CHP) issued a statement that around 10:40pm on Friday night, November 3, 2023, officers were chasing a silver sedan westbound on the Bay Bridge when it exited on 9th Street. After exiting, the car crashed into two cars, including a Waymo robotaxi that had passengers in the vehicle. [i]

Not only were multiple vehicles involved, but the silver sedan also went off the road onto the sidewalk and hit two pedestrians. One of the pedestrians had major injuries, while the second pedestrian suffered from minor injuries. Both were transported to the hospital following the accident.

CHP continues to investigate if the driver of the silver sedan hit any other vehicles on the freeway during the pursuit. The driver of that vehicle was also injured and transported to the hospital. Passengers in the vehicles that were struck by the silver sedan either declined going to the hospital or were not injured.

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