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What Does a Trial Look Like During COVID19?

Updated: May 7

The pandemic has changed how we go about our daily lives, including the legal system. Many trials were delayed during the spring but have begun to open up slowly. Gomerman | Bourn & Associates formerly known as, The Law Offices of Tanya Gomerman made history recently as we began the first post-COVID-19 trial in San Francisco.

Zoom Witnesses

One of the biggest challenges in the post-COVID world is to keep appropriate social distancing requirements. To limit the number of people in the room, we are taking witness testimony via video conferencing software. This way, both parties can present witness evidence without risking more exposure to those in the courtroom.

No Jury Trials

As of right now, the courthouse is not conducting jury trials, as social distancing would be almost impossible. Bench trials (trials that are decided by a judge) are being conducted as quickly as justice allows.

How Many Cases Go To Trial?

The vast majority of legal cases never go to trial and are settled outside the courtroom. You may hear your attorney talk about mediation, which is a form of alternative dispute resolution. It consists of both sides coming together to talk through a solution without the need to go to court. Your attorney will advocate on your behalf and negotiate the best deal possible. If both parties cannot come to an agreement, then your case will move to trial.

If you are waiting to file your personal injury lawsuit until after COVID19, we recommend that you call our office. Don’t delay, as certain time limitations may apply to your case. If you fail to file after the statute of limitations, you may not be able to receive compensation for your injuries. Call (415) 545-8608 to schedule a free consultation.

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