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New Sexual Harassment Laws Protect Victims of Sexual Harassment

Updated: Jun 11

AB1510 (Reyes)

You may remember the big story regarding the University of Southern California students who were molested by Dr. George Tyndall, the campus gynecologist. He was accused of assaulting hundreds of women over more than 30 years. USC was attempting to seek dismissal of hundreds of civil lawsuits against Dr. Tyndall due to California’s statute of limitations. AB1510 abolishes the statute of limitations for these women, allowing them to seek justice.

AB51 (Gonzalez)

This bill ensures that workers are not forced into arbitration and have the option to take labor claims to court. Companies were attempting to circumvent the legal system by forcing workers to sign arbitration waivers, keeping harassment and labor violations quiet. Because of the lack of consequence, harassers continued to violate victims and maintain their harassing conduct. This bill conditions that all arbitration waivers be voluntary, not compulsory.

AB9 (Reyes, Friedman, Waldron)

Known as The Stopping Harassment and Reporting Extension (SHARE) Act, extends the time for filing harassment and discrimination claims. The bill extends the requirement from a mere one year to three years. Many lower-wage workers are unfairly harmed by short filing times, as they are typically not aware of their rights. This allows victims more time to file cases and is more in line with other court actions.

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