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Minivan Collides with Semi-Truck and Kills Three

Updated: Jun 13

Thursday, February 28, 2019, three people were killed when an SUV rammed the back of an illegally parked truck on I-80 in Emeryville. All three people killed were in the minivan and all part of the same family from San Pablo. Two brothers and two sisters were in the van during the crash. One of the siblings survived with critical injuries.

The accident occurred on a bend of I-80 between Emeryville and the Bay Bridge toll plaza. The semi-truck was pulled over illegally in an attempt to get some rest. The CHP officer at the scene stated that the truck driver was asleep when the car accident occurred.

While it is the state law that truck drivers are required to take mandatory breaks, it is not legal for them to pull to the side of the freeway. In fact, the driver could have pulled just a quarter of a mile to the off-ramp near Oakland. After the accident, the driver noted that cross-country big rig drivers often are ticketed for going minutes over on their drive time. While it may be a more significant industry issue to address, it doesn’t justify pulling to the side of the road anywhere that suits the driver. Unfortunately, his decision cost three young people their lives.

While the minivan did veer off the road, the semi-truck should not have been there in the first place. No charges have been filed against the semi-truck driver as of yet. The team at Gomerman | Bourn & Associates are keeping the family in our thoughts during this difficult time.

Car accidents can happen so quickly. It is essential that you have proper representation to ensure you and your family receive the care and compensation you deserve. Call Gomerman | Bourn & Associates at 415-545-8608 to schedule a FREE consultation today.


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