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Age Discrimination in Tech

Now more than ever, an older generation is feeling the hurt from new technology in the career sector. Age discrimination has become more and more common across all industries, but especially in tech. Individuals in their 40s are finding it incredibly difficult to find new positions, even with exceptional experience. So how can you spot potential age discrimination, what should you look for, and how do you deal with it? We have the answers.

How to Spot Age Discrimination

Of course, sometimes age discrimination is difficult to pick out, but there are some key indicators that you can watch out for. For example, in job postings, you may find specific terms that relate to age. Phrases like “tech-native” or “young-voice” could be used in a job description for a potential candidate. Tech-native insinuates someone who was born after the year 1990 and has not been without access to the internet. If you are in an interview, and they are asking about your age, that would be a big red flag. If you have been fired or passed for promotion under circumstances that could insinuate that it was because of your age, then you need to take action.

How to Deal with Age Discrimination in Tech

If you feel as though you have experienced age discrimination in a current or past job, then it is crucial you act right away. Age discrimination is illegal, and employers cannot fire you due to your age. If you are ready to move forward against age discrimination, do the following:

  • Take some time and write down exactly what happened. Include all events and correspondence in a timeline.

  • Save texts or emails that may support your case.

  • Contact an employment attorney who has experience with age discrimination.

  • Attend a free consultation to discuss the facts of your case.

After you consult, your attorney will be able to guide you through the next steps. Don’t feel as though you need to be silent if you have been discriminated against in tech. You have rights. Contact Tanya Gomerman at 415-545-8608 to schedule your consult today.

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