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Fatal Motorcycle Accident in Castro Valley

Updated: May 20

A Sacramento man died in a motorcycle accident in the Bay Area the night of Thursday, May 22nd while exiting the freeway. Authorities say Rui Sun, 21, lost control around a sharp curve of the ramp at Castro Valley’s Carolyn Street/164th Avenue exit, heading off westbound I-580. The motorcycle hit the guardrail, causing Sun’s death at the scene.

What to Do In a Motorcycle Accident

If you are involved in a motorcycle accident in the Bay Area, there are important steps to take to ensure your physical safety and collecting information important to your case.

Do the following:

  • Immediately call 911 and check all involved for injuries.

  • If you are able to move, safely move to the side of the road.

  • Take extensive photos of your damaged property and any bodily injuries.

Gather Information for Your Case

In order to receive compensation after a motorcycle accident in the Bay Area, it is important to have the right information for your attorney. If you are able to, gather as much information at the scene as possible. This includes the contact information of everyone involved and all witnesses, as well as the make, model and license of all involved vehicles.

You will also need the name and badge number of the police officer and a copy of the police report. Trade insurance information with all involved, and call your insurance agent to report the accident.

Do not admit fault or offer information about injuries and/or property damage until you have spoken with your lawyer. In the period following your motorcycle accident, keep a record of all physical and psychological symptoms, doctor’s visits, and medical treatments related to your accident, as well as a record of any days of missed work.

How to Find the Best Personal Injury Attorney After a Motorcycle Accident

You may find your best course of action after a motorcycle accident is to retain an experienced personal injury lawyer. An attorney that is experienced in dealing with motorcycle accidents in the Bay Area will help you receive the maximum benefits to which you are entitled. Insurance companies keep their own best interests in mind, instead of yours, when calculating your payment. If you have costly medical bills, insurance denials, or low policy limits, an attorney can help you obtain rightful compensation.

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident in the Bay Area, call Gomerman | Bourn & Associates at (415) 545-8608. We provide a FREE consultation to discuss your case.

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