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2 Dead, 9 Injured In Crash on Highway 101 In San Francisco

Two people are dead and nine injured in San Francisco after an accident on a Sunday night on Highway 101. The crash involved five vehicles and caused the shutdown of all northbound lanes for an extended period as workers struggled to clear all the debris from the accident.

A young woman, age 20-30, was driving her VW GTI in the wrong direction at a little after two in the morning. It is suspected that she was under the influence. As she drove south on the northbound lanes, she sideswiped to cars before colliding with a minivan head-on. Because she wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, the woman was thrown from her car, dying on the scene. The other fatality was the man driving the minivan.

Three other cars tried to avoid the crash but were unable to, creating the massive wreck that forced lane closures. Nine people were injured and taken to the hospital, some in life-threatening conditions.

The man in the minivan was a father of seven. He worked nights to provide for his family while also enrolled as a full-time student in college. If you are interested in helping his family, there is a GoFundMe page.

Eleven people whose lives are impacted by a single crash. So many things are troubling about this accident. From the driver who caused the collision potentially driving under the influence, as well as not wearing her seatbelt and driving the wrong way on a major highway, to all of the drivers and their families, the ramifications of this crash will be felt for years to come.

Accidents like this can affect people’s physical health and create long-term pain, can hinder a person’s ability to work, and can cause emotional strain and trauma that can be difficult to overcome. All of this can and most likely will impact the quality of living. A GoFundMe can help, but it shouldn’t be relied on as the only way of trying to recover from tragedy.

Been In a SF Car Accident?

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