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What to Do After a Dog Bite

Man’s best friend can be the perfect companion. But they’re also animals, and even the calmest pet can snap--literally. A dog bite, even a small one, can impact a person’s life in substantial ways. It can cause harm not just to a person’s health, but to their job and home life as well. Here’s what to do after a dog bite.

Seek Medical Care

It may seem like the obvious step of what to do after a dog bite, but many people try to tend their wounds at home. Aside from the fact that some dogs aren’t vaccinated against rabies, bite wounds from any animal are susceptible to infection. A small nip can cause big trouble fast. Seeing a doctor right away will keep you healthy as well as giving you a professional opinion should you later need to file an insurance claim or lawsuit.

Document Your Injury

For serious injuries, call 911. This is important not only to report what happened but also to request an ambulance.

  1. Exchange information with the dog owner.

  2. Take pictures of your injury. You can use your cell phone or a disposable camera, but having photo evidence of the injury is a practical step that will help you should you need to pursue legal action later.

  3. Along the same lines as photos, if there were any witnesses, get their information. Eyewitness accounts can be pivotal in an insurance claim or a lawsuit. If you or someone you’re with is able, grab names and phone numbers of any bystanders who saw what happened.

  4. Keeping a log of doctor visits, photos, witness contact information, and journal entries about the pain and effects of the injury is essential. It’s valuable information for insurance companies and your lawyer.

  5. After you’ve seen a doctor and properly documented your injury, go ahead and call animal control. They’ll keep a file on the animal and possibly investigate the incident. This investigation may help your injury case.

  6. Contact a lawyer. If you’ve followed the previous steps, they can look at your documentation and help you determine if compensation may be in order. Further, they are well versed in dealing with insurance companies for when you file your claim. If you know what to do after a dog bite, you can get the aid and advice you need to keep yourself protected. Contact the Law Offices of Tanya Gomerman today for a free consultation. Call 415-545-8608.

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