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Syracuse University Basketball Coach Sued in Fatal Crash

Updated: May 2

In 2019, a tragic car crash involving Syracuse's men's basketball coach, Jim Boeheim, took the life of Jorge Jiminez. His family is now suing Boeheim, alleging he is responsible for the car accident. In the complaint, the Jiminez family states that Boeheim was speeding and/or was negligent in operating the university-owned vehicle, which led to Mr. Jiminez's death.

Around 11 pm on February 20, 2019, Mr. Jiminez's car had become disabled in the middle of Route 690, a highway in Syracuse. Mr. Boeheim was driving home from a restaurant following a SU basketball game. He encountered the disabled vehicle, swerved to avoid a collision, and struck Jiminez, who was exiting the car. First responders transported him to Upstate University Hospital but he later died of his injuries.

According to Boeheim's statement, he stopped his SUV and quickly ran back to the scene where he saw a man doing CPR on Jiminez. He quickly called 911 and then ran up and down the highway to warn other motorists of the accident.

A second man was struck by the mirror of Boeheim's car mirror but only suffered minor injuries.

The police did launch an investigation into the accident and found that while Mr. Boeheim was driving 11 mph over the posted speed limit, it was ruled an accident. Boeheim cooperated with police and was given blood-alcohol tests that came back clear. The police stated that he had "no signs of alcohol or other impairments." The police did not press charges after the investigation concluded. Boeheim has repeatedly stated he was "truly devastated."

The Jiminez family has filed suit against both Mr. Boeheim and Syracuse University for unspecified damages. Neither has commented on the pending litigation.

If you encounter car trouble on the freeway, stay in your vehicle and call 911.

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