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  • Jennifer Burton

Crash in Rio Linda Results in Death and Injury

An accident last week in Rio Linda resulted in death and serious injury. Rio Linda is in North Sacramento County, and the accident involved two vehicles. The passenger was killed, and the driver of one of the vehicles was taken to the hospital. The Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District firefighters responded to the scene just before 6am, which took place at West Sixth Street and Elkhorn Boulevard.

A Ford pickup truck was making a left turn onto Highway 99 from a stop sign at the intersection of West Sixth Street and Elkhorn Boulevard, according to Officer Justin Fetterly. The Ford struck the right side of a Honda Civic that was heading eastbound on Elkhorn Boulevard according to Officer Fetterly.

The passenger in the Honda Civic died, and the driver of the Honda Civic was taken to the hospital, complaining of pain. The passenger was identified as 30-year-old Jose Martinez Herrera who lived in Marysville (a city about 40 miles from the accident). Herrera’s death was determined to be criminal in nature according to the coroner’s office. However, drugs and alcohol didn’t play a role in the crash according to the California Highway Patrol spokesperson.[i]

As we celebrate the holiday season this year, it is imperative that everyone on the road is aware of other drivers and practices safe driving habits. In this case, alcohol and drugs were not a factor, but there are many instances in which that is not the case. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “In December 2020, traffic crashes involving an impaired driver killed 937 people.”[ii]

If you witness an accident or are a victim of an accident, always reach out to 911 and report the details. If you have been a victim of an accident, feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation at 888-855-2505 or

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