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  • Jennifer Burton

Auto Crashes Following Fourth of July Holiday Weekend

Updated: Apr 15

Holiday festivities unfortunately led to several car crashes in the Bay Area.

In Oakland, a woman (approximately age 20) was struck by a vehicle after the woman and a friend began following another driver who had collided with them around the corner earlier that night. The first crash occurred on 85th Avenue, and the second crash, resulting in a fatality for one and injuries for the other, took place in a marked crosswalk on San Leandro Street just past midnight on July 5th.

Over the holiday weekend, KTLA news reported that 68 people were killed in highway crashes across the state. California Highway Patrol put a Maximum Enforcement Period into effect on Friday night, June 30, 2023 in preparation for the long holiday weekend. Over the Maximum Enforcement Period, CHP estimates that a citation was issued once every five minutes, totaling almost 10,000. There were also over 1,200 arrests for suspicion of driving under the influence.

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