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A Step-By-Step Guide on How to Handle Property Damage On Your Own with Your Insurance

Updated: Apr 15

When you have been involved in an accident, you don’t always have someone knowledgeable on your side. Dealing with insurance companies can be frustrating at best and incredibly confusing at worst. We want to arm the public with the information they need to help handle property damage when dealing with your own insurance company. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding your car or motorcycle accident.

Collision Coverage for Automobiles and Motorcycles

While adding collision coverage for your car or motorcycle can be an expensive add-on to your auto insurance premium, it has several benefits if you end up needing it. It is usually faster than dealing with the responsible party directly because no-fault determination is necessary. Fault determination can take a lot of time and be one of the most stressful parts of a claim.

Make sure to review your insurance to see if you have this type of no-fault property damage coverage on your policy.

Determine Repair vs. Cost

Before deciding on what to do, you will want to determine the cost of repair versus the cost of replacement for your vehicle or motorcycle, taking into account the amount of your deductible. Once you have the numbers in front of you, it will be easier to guide what to do next.

Non-Vehicular Property Damage

While you can take care of a lot through your insurance, you will still need to go through the responsible party’s insurance for coverage of non-vehicular property damage. This includes damage to any electronics in the car, like a phone or laptop or child’s car seat.

Take note; if you are not at fault because both insurance companies agree, or you received a favorable finding from an arbitrator at a property damage arbitration if they were in dispute, you should get your deductible back when your insurance is successful in getting repaid for what it paid out for collision coverage.

You can also get the value of non-vehicular property damage from the other party. Ask your insurance company if they will seek reimbursement or if you need to submit your own claim. Make sure to have your proof ready to submit either way.

Have you been involved in a car or motorcycle accident in the Bay Area? Contact Gomerman | Bourn & Associates or Call 415-545-8608 to schedule your free consultation today!

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