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Employee Resource Guide- COVID19

Updated: Jun 5

During this crisis, there has been so much confusing information on the assistance available to employees. With more than 10% of the workforce currently unemployed, it is vital that everyone understands how to access state and federal resources. We have created this employee resource guide to assist everyone in knowing what their rights are and where they can find help. If you have an employment question, please call our office at 415-545-8608 to speak to an attorney.

This is a fantastic resource that answers the most common questions relating to worker’s rights and COVID19

This site contains exceptional information regarding how our state is handling COVID19, a guide for employers, and lays our essential and non-essential employee’s rights during this pandemic.

All employees and employers should review the safety requirements laid out by Cal/OSHA with regards to Aerosol Transmissible Diseases (ATD) standard.

If you have recently lost your job, make sure to begin the process of filing for unemployment insurance (UI) with the EDD. You can complete your application online.

Guidance on how to prevent the spread of COVID19 will be updated regularly on the CDC’s website. It is important to visit this site often, so you know how to protect yourself.

These are just some of the many available resources. If you are an employee and you need legal assistance due to discrimination, unsafe working environments, or other violations, contact our office at 415-545-8608 to discuss your case.

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